• 7 Seater
    6 Seater
  • Manual
    10 Per Km (Extra Charges)
  • Diesel
  • 65 ltrs
    70 ltrs
  • kms
    200 km
Toyota Innova SUV /MU Vechicles
One of the best-demanded cars for tourist purposes in India is hiring a Toyota Innova Suv for private tours and Toyota's longest selling model to date is Toyota Innova. This is the perfect MUV car for Indian roads with comfortable sitting up to 4 passengers plus a driver. The Innova is the best option with great comfort for the long journies in a country like India where road conditions are not so good. This is the most ever-hired car in the travel industry in India and despite such a long run, it continues to sell in high numbers due to the comfort it offers, durability, and of course Toyota’s service quality. Maintenance is such an important factor in India with any car and this is where Toyota stands high. Maintenance cost is really low for Innova and you can easily find great condition cars with the mileage of 2-3 hundred thousand and counting. The boot of the Innova cart has enough space to fit 3-4 suitcases and a few handbags also. You can rent Toyota Innova for family, friends, and relatives going on trips together. 
The interior of the car is good, spacious, and comfortable. Toyota offers the Innova with two seating options - 8 seaters (7 passengers + Driver) with the middle row like a bench and 7 seaters (6 passengers + driver) which is more luxurious with pilot/captain seats in the middle row. The third row of seats which is generally not usable over long journeys in most MPVs also has enough legroom and comfortable sitting in the Innova. The Innova comes with a petrol and a diesel engine but you will find the diesel engine cars mostly in the travel trade. The weight (from 1760 kg - 1850 kg) also affects its mileage, which at 11.2 km is considerably lower than its competition. The diesel engine variant is powered by a 2.5-liter engine which develops 102PS of power and 200Nm of torque. It offers good ground clearance with 176mm and 2500 CC engine capabilities. 
Toyota Innova is the only car with a ladder frame chassis and one of the largest MPVs in the market. The starting model will have some basic features but move up to the higher variants and you will find great added features like leather seats, a touch screen entertainment system, and a reverse parking camera, automatic climate control. Driver and passenger airbags are standard on all variants while ABS is also offered in some of the top variants.
So if you are planning a trip to India with your family to Delhi or outstation, hire a Toyota Innova car with confidence to have a comfortable trip around. Innova has gone on to be a success like no other Toyota product here with its versatile nature and its immense practicality. 

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