• 7 Seater
    12 Seater
  • Manual
    10 Per Km (Extra Charges)
  • Diesel
  • 65 ltrs
    70 ltrs
  • kms
    50 km
Tempo Traveller  Coaches
If you are looking to hire a tempo traveller for rent in Delhi or outstation at the best reasonable prices. Well, don't worry you're at the right place
The price of the tempo traveller hire for customized India tours by Driver India Private Tours is very economical. If you are traveling with a family of more than 7-8 members on board, it is always a better choice to look for options that help you avoid uncomfortable seating arrangements and make the travel journey more enjoyable instead of rough. Tempo Traveller has enough leg space to ensure that the journey is smooth and comfier. Whether you are planning a local day of sightseeing or a weekend getaway for your family or if you have to attend important family functions or for India private tours we will ensure that the joy of traveling together never fades away. Depending on your needs, the various options available to you are like 7 Seater, 9 Seater, and 12 Seater. 
This is the best suitable option for a family of 10+ people with comfortable seating for all members as well as enough space for the luggage also. 12 Seater Tempo Traveler comes with rich amenities with a featured seating system and other luxury benefits that make your travel memorable and joyful. The vehicle is designed with a powerful engine for all types of roads (except some high terrain areas driving where road conditions can be very bad) in the plane as well as in hill areas also. This vehicle comes with a 1x1 seating system and a total of 11-12 passengers can sit comfortably. This 12 Seater Luxury Maharaja Tempo Traveler for hire is designed for great comfort with pushback recliner seats with a headrest, wooden design with carpet flooring, good leg space with Air-conditioner control for every single seat, each seat is occupied with USB charging points for fast charging for all of your gadgets, there is LCD TV also available in the van for the entertainment during the long drives on highways along with Music System. The vehicle is enriched with good safety features also like each of our Tempo Travelers has GPS enabled so there is someone always monitoring/tracking and available if there is any issue during the trip. There is a speed controller in the van so we know that driver can't drive more than a standard speed we have fixed it accordingly to a safe level, there is a First Aid Box available in the Van, and the vehicle will have an Advance braking system. The well-designed compartment for luggage gives you enough space to fit all of your bags in the boot so even if there are 11-12 people traveling, there will be space available to fit 11-12 bags easily. 
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