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Festivals in India

The Rajasthani's and all our Indian people love for color and joyous celebrations,music, dance and festivals makes the region one of the most colorful deserts in the world. Most holidays and festivals follow either the Indian lunar calendar or the Islamic calendar. Therefore they change annually relative to the Gregorian calendar. The following represents major national festivals:


Upcoming Festivals & Fairs in India 2022


Fairs and festivals are the heart of Indian socio-cultural life. In India, traditional fairs and festivals are connected with religious beliefs, changing seasons' harvests, etc. Known as the land of 13 festivals in 12 months, the Indian festive calendar is the longest in the world. The colorful Indian culture is defined by several festivals celebrated in the country throughout the year and we would love to make you experience all of that with one click. India is the land of fairs and festivals, which represent the colorful culture, traditions, and customs practiced by the Indians, which hold much significance to the global tourists. Every fair or festival has legends associated with it and people indulge in the retrospection of the same, time and again through these events. Though there are numerous fairs and festivals celebrated in this country, some of them are – Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Pongal, Gangaur, Gudi Padva, Pushkar Camel Fair, Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Ganga Sagar Mela, Konark Dance Festival, Poush Mela, Goa Carnival, etc. To know more about the major Indian festivals and fairs, look below.


-Mewar Festival in Udaipur (4 April and ends on Wednesday, 6 April)


The history of the Mewar Festival dates back to a time when this part of India was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. The festival is an integral part of the culture and tradition in Udaipur. People in various parts of Udaipur enthusiastically take part in this festival. The city boasts a colorful look during this festival.


-Teej festival in Jaipur (31st July 2022)

A Beautiful Monsoon Carnival. A large Teej procession winds its way through the old city in Jaipur.

Fairs are one of the prime highlights of the festival, which are frequented by women, both married and unmarried who are dressed in colorful clothes and jewelry. The fairs have several foods and handicraft stalls and comprise of singing, dancing, devotional music, and many other attractions, such as SwingsMehandiSong and dance performances by folk artists Handicrafts and other regionally famous itemsSweets


-Dussehra in Kota - (October 5, 2022)


Dussehra means the Tenth Day, being the 10th day of the bright half of Ashvin. This day is also known as Vijayadashmi, or the victory Tenth, because of the victory of Ram over Ravana


-Marwar in jodhpur( 12th-13th October 2022)


The Marwar Festival in Jodhpur acts as a remembrance to the heroes of Rajasthan The festival is also embedded with several cultural events. Music and dance make the festival more attractive. These cultural events not only add entertainment options for the visitors. They also reflect the rich culture of the place.

The festival also holds further value for the tourists. They provide a deep insight into the rural life of the people of Rajasthan.


-Pushkar camel fair (11th November to 19th November 2022)


It is one of the world's largest camel fairs Competitions such as the 'Matka Phod', 'longest mustache' and 'bridal competition' are the main draws for this fair which attracts thousands of people around the globe, One should travel to India during this periods to experience this beautiful fair.


-Diwali in India 25 October 2022


In Amritsar, Diwali is celebrated on a grand level. Sikhs celebrate Diwali because in 1619 there 6th Guru, GuruHargobind Singh Ji released from prison. For the Diwali celebration, the golden temple is decorated with colorful lights, many diyas (oil lamps), and candles lit on the complex of the Golden temple.


-Diwali in Varanasi 25 October 2022


Celebrated every year in the sacred city of Varanasi, Dev Deepawali or Dev Diwali marks Lord Shiva's victory over demon Tripurasur and comes after 15 days of Diwali. Firecrackers are burnt at night, processions of decorated deities are taken out into the streets of Varanasi, and oil lamps are set afloat on the river.

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