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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials 
Dear Pawan,

We have finally arrived home to Canberra and I have now had the time to go through all our photos.

Firstly I would like to thank you again for a wonderful tour.  Our guide in Delhi was great again very knowledgeable easily understandable and up above all lots of fun.  He gave us the option of going to the tomb or going to the Shikh Temple.  We took the second option and we were not disappointed.  This is something I think a lot of people should see first hand especially the kitchen and dining areas.  Nothing could have prepared us for that.  How wonderful to see human nature at its best.

I do have to say that Vikram was the best but all the guides were just wonderful we could not fault any of them.

As for our wonderful driver I cannot say enough.  He was generous, knowledgeable, fun and gave us one of the best road trips ever!!!!!  (especially the nice cold drinks).   Please send him our sincerest thanks we had a ball.

We would also like to thank you Pawan.  It was great to not only meet you but to also share a lot of time with you on the tour.  It was fantastic. I send the photos through to you.   I have attached one to this email but then will send a few more separately so that I can ensure that they get through.

Once again we would like to say thank you to you and all your staff for such an enjoyable stay in India.

Cheers   Kate and David Akers
Kate and David Akers | UK | Dec 03, 2014
Hello dear Pawan!

Just a few words to tell you thank you for your excellent service. 

You have a really good driver. Mohit even he's young he's a very nice person, serious and responsible, we really felt safe with him.

As I imagine I will sure recommend your agency to any friend that wants to come to India.

Our best wishes,

Fede Frank and Nuria Comas

Nuria Comas | France | Aug 10, 2014
 We just returned from a three week tour of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Kathmandu that was brilliantly orchestrated by Driver India Tours. Details to follow, but a little background will prove helpful. When we first decided India and Nepal would be our next adventures, I contacted a highly respected, US-based travel agency focused primarily on Asia travel for wealthy Americans I had used for a previous trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. They were superb, but astoundingly expensive. Nevertheless, because travel to India felt pretty daunting, I decided I'd just stick with them. They provided a suggested itinerary, tweaked a bit after a conversation or two, and then priced it. I gulped. Yes, I wanted mostly 5 star accommodations, private driver and guide, but the proposed price seemed way out of wack. When I asked for a price breakdown so that I could hone it down, they replied it was against their policy to do so. As a businessman, I interpret that to mean excessive markup and profit. I reluctantly decided to search elsewhere, afraid I'd be sacrificing safety, reliability and comfort for a few bucks.

Where to begin? Trip Advisor of course, with backup help from Google. I identified 10 India tour operators, researched all, wrote to five, and corresponded with three. The only operator to carefully review by initial itinerary and respond specifically to my questions was Driver India Tours. Pawan Sharma, the owner, exchanged nearly 100 emails in the ensuing months. He was at all times gracious, informed, helpful and responsive to my many, many questions. No, his English isn't the best (though it's rapidly improving), but after a short while we communicated quite effectively. After several weeks of collaborating on itinerary changes, hotel changes and flight changes, he provide his detailed, virtually all-inclusive proposed cost. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It was one-half the cost proposed by the US based agency. A savings of some nine thousand dollars! Same luxury hotels. Same clean, new or near new private van at our disposal with water and snacks. Same airport transfers, same personalized attention. I signed on with Pawan hoping I wasn't making a mistake.

We're just back from India and Nepal, and it's clear selecting Driver India Tours was the single smartest travel decision I ever made. Pawan delivered on every promise. Waiting for us at the Delhi airport at 1 am to greet us with a smile after our 25 hour trip. Easy hotel check-ins, all had been confirmed and reconfirmed by him repeatedly. Clean, new or near new cars. Confirmed, properly ticketed domestic flights. Knowledgeable, experienced, government licensed guides at every city. Representatives with a sign and ready smile waiting for us with car at the terminal exit whenever we flew domestically. And most important, because we're talking India here, folks, fabulous drivers who at all times carefully navigated the treacherous traffic with ease and with skill. We traveled by car well over 1000 kilometers on our trip, had three different drivers, and felt completely safe with each. They were attentive, adept, friendly and eager to accommodate.

Although he was not with us throughout - we were in very good hands with his people - we got to know Pawan really well over the three weeks, and so appreciated the opportunity to have lunch at his home and meet his lovely wife and children. He is a self-made man with extraordinary integrity, a great sense of humor, and an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This is a man who truly knows and loves his work and his mother country, and finds great joy in sharing it with his clients, helping them to experience and understand the real India. But perhaps more important, he's a really good human being. He shared deeply personal stories of his life and his aspirations for the future, and I'm honored today to call him my friend.

And so, if you're considering an India-based tour operator, I can think of no better choice than Driver India Tours and Pawan Sharma. Pawan's reply emails may be a bit hard to understand at first, there won't be any formal contract for you to sign (but of course, he provided us with an email stating the specific price for the agreed upon itinerary) and there will be no "free" leather luggage tags and passport wallet, but don't let that put you off. If your experience is anything like ours, you, too, will be raving about Driver India Tours upon your return from your India adventure! Thank you, Pawan, for making the past three weeks safe, memorable and absolutely perfect!!!

Ken Bender and Mary from USA
San Diego, CA 92130
Ken Bender | USA | Jul 26, 2014

We had planned a familytrip to India to attend a wedding and also visit different places while inIndia. As this was our first trip to India, I was aware that we would need avery reliable and trustworthy tour operator to take us to the places we wantedto visit. We had decided to visit: Somnath, Dwarka, Sagwara in Rajasthan, Ahmedabad,Jaipur, Agra, Vrindawan, Mathura, Haridwar, Mt Abu, and back to Ahmedabad viaJaipur. The actual trip included visiting places we did not plan to visitbecause we did not know about the sites that were there. Our trip turned out tobe a 26 day visit from 18/5/14 – 12/6/14. In total this was going to work outto be approximately 5000+km journey by road!

I decided to do some research on the different touroperators in India and came across Pawan’s business on Trip Advisor. From allthe feedback on the site, it was obvious that Driver India Private Day Tours(DIPT) was a potential operator to consider. I also contacted a few other touroperators. However, most of them could not give me clear answers or honestinformation about their fees/charges and were also not reliable in terms ofreplying to my emails. I also contacted a few people who had actually usedPawan’s services. All these people provided outstanding feedback about Pawan’sbusiness.

I decided to use DIPT for our trip.

I contacted Pawan in February 2014 by email and lethim know what our plans were. From the very first email, Pawan was extremelyhelpful. He replied to my emails promptly except when he was out of the office,on a tour. However, he would get back to me straight after returning to officewould have sent him more than 60 emails, clarifying little things and hepatiently replied to all my emails and answered all my queries. He also let meknow that given the long road trip we had planned, it was better to use a TempoTraveller van rather than a Toyota Innova car. I am glad that I took his advicebecause we had several bags and there were 6 of us. It would have been anightmare to travel in a Toyota Innova. My contact with Pawan continued tilljust before out departure from New Zealand. I also spoke to him during out tripin India.  He told me that he hadassigned his most experienced driver, Mohammed Khan (or Khan Bhai as we calledhim), to take us around. To ensure there was no delays or problem, Pawan senthis driver to Ahmedabad early and ensured that he was in Ahmedabad on 17/5/14!Pawan also gave the total charge/fee for the tour and this he did not change atany time, either before our arrival or during our stay in India. What we hadbeen quoted was what we actually paid Pawan.

From the time we landedin Ahmedabad on 18/5/14, Khan Bhai was at the airport to meet us. He was waitingoutside the terminal with a sign. Right from the beginning Khan Bhai wasextremely helpful. He took us straight to our hotel as it was getting quitelate. The next day, Khan Bhai waited all day patiently for us but we could notuse him as I had to run some errands in Ahmedabad involving our cash that I hadtransferred to India.

However, from 19/5/14we began to visit the sites we wanted to. He also managed to squeeze in a tripto Delhi even though this was not in our trip plans! Khan Bhai was extremelyknowledgeable about the different places and would take us to the placessafely. After seeing the driving in India, I am glad that we did not try todrive ourselves around because there is just no road rules in India! On severaloccasions, only Khan Bhai’s excellent driving skill saved us from havingserious accidents when other drivers did silly and dangerous things. Khan Bhaihad excellent knowledge of routes and also the local areas. The vehicle wasalways clean and ready for our trips. Bottled Mineral water was alwaysavailable for us as we could not drink local water. Khan Bhai also knew thegood rest stops that had good food and also clean toilets to use. It isdifficult to find stops with clean toilet facilities. Khan Bhai also took us todifferent hotels in each place that we visited and would accompany us when wewanted to see the rooms before booking to stay at a hotel. Pawan had advised menot to book hotels in advance and that it would better to book hotels whenactually in India. I am glad that I took his advice. Many hotels have flashypictures of their facilities on their websites, but in actual fact these hotelsand their facilities are rubbish. Khan Bhai would also give us advice about thecost of the hotels and this helped save us a lot of money.

Pawan had told me thathe would provide guides wherever needed. In Jaipur, we met with a guide,Krishnan, who took us to the different sites and gave us background informationabout the places we visited. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as heis a qualified and licenced guide. He gave us information that you do not findin any books. In Agra, we met up with Vikram who is also a qualified andlicenced guide. Vikram took us to the Taj Mahal and a few other places forshopping etc. Vikram is a helpful and knowledgeable person who made sure thatwe actually got to see the inside of the Taj Mahal as we had arrived in Agraafter midday and there were long queues. Vikram knew a photographer who worksaround the Taj Mahal and this guy took some good photos of us which will be a remembrancefor us of our trip to the Taj Mahal.

All throughout ourdaily trips, Pawan made contact with Khan Bhai at least once a day. In this wayhe was always in touch with us. This is not easy to do as he has severaldrivers on the road around India at any one time. Unfortunately, Pawan couldnot meet us personally as we had planned because he ended up getting a bit sickafter his family trip.

It is not easy to findhonest, reliable, trustworthy and safe tour operators in India but Pawan andhis company can be trusted to provide safe, enjoyable and outstandingexperience while in India. His service took out all the hassle of organising atrip. We saw and experienced so much that would not be possible if it had notbeen for Pawan, Khan Bhai, Vikram and Krishnan. God willing, we will be able tovisit India again and we are definitely going to be using Pawan for our tripagain.

I wish Pawan and histeam the very best. I am sure that with the continued level of service heprovides, Driver India Private tours will one day be one of the biggest andbest if not the biggest and best tour operators in India.

Sanjeev Singh | New Zealand | Jun 18, 2014

I wanted to thank you for your help on the trip and we really appreciated Sushil and the various guides help.


Sushil took good care of us on the trip and was a safe and reliable driver. 


We will happily recommend you and Sushil for our friends.

Thank you very much Driver India Private Tour for made our travel best.

Gary Gnaedinger | USA | May 07, 2014
 As a group of Belgian friends going to an Indian wedding in Delhi, we wanted to visit Jaipur and Agra in between wedding events. We booked 2 SUV cars with driver but arranged the hotels ourselves.  

I was very pleased with the service. The drivers arrived on time on our address and were very friendly. We all really liked our driver, Deepak. He was very kind and if we had questions during the ride he could always answer in fluent English, even silly questions about the railways or cows. We all appreciated that he provided cold water when we visited monuments. Moreover, even though Indian traffic is deadly and crazy from a European point of view, I never felt unsafe in the car. He really was an excellent driver.


To conclude: I would definitely recommend the drivers of India Private Tours. Unfortunately the guides on our tour were not very good 

Marijke Segers | Belgium | Apr 17, 2014
 We choose Driver India Private Tours mainly because Pawan's company was the only one that offer full flexibility for our tour. 
The first contact with Pawan was very friendly. He is very professional, honest, explained clearly terms of the contract, answered clearly to our questions, gave us good recommendation before to start our tour and therefore we could enjoy our tour quietly
Also during the trip, Pawan stayed in touch with us and took care that all was going well for us.
Pawan's driver was Sahid who has been very patient. He is very professional driver and was always close to us. He was ready any time for us and to give recommendations.
We really recommend Pawan for a tour in India, You will enjoy your trip for sure and get good reminder from your tour.
All the best to Pawan for the futur!
Jean-Paul | France / Bulgaria | Apr 06, 2014

Thank you so much again for putting together such a great trip for me and my husband.I just want let your know we enjoy our Holiday with Pintu. he is reply reliable driver and very helpful. than you very much for caring us.
Hope to visit India Again soon.
Ashley Dobson
Ashley Withers | | Mar 13, 2014
Mr Sharma,
I have made payment to Mohit.  Thank you very much for all the arrangements (guides, driver, car, etc). We have been very well served by Mohit.  I am very happy I chose your company over others. Let me know how I can provide positive feedback for your company and services. 

Luke Kwong

Luke Kwong | Singapore | Mar 18, 2014
Hi.. just want to let you know we are really happy with our stay in India and its mostly because of you guys.
Sushil was a great driver and we always felt 100% safe when traveling with him in the crazy trafic and he was also fun to be around.
Vikram was the best guide weve had trough the trip, the man could answer everything!
Were writing a review on trip advisor now.

Best regards,
Daniel and co.

Daniel | Iceland | Feb 17, 2014
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